Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman, marine biologist, administrator, editor, teacher (b at Tintern, Ont 23 Nov 1883; d at St Andrews, NB 8 Aug 1973). Huntsman was a provocative thinker and innovator who decisively influenced fisheries science in Canada. His professional career, characterized by keen intellect, verve and indefatigable effort, combined fisheries research with postgraduate teaching and was intimately linked 1904-53 with what later became the Fisheries Research Board of Canada. In serving 1934-53 as the board's scientist, curator, director, editor and consulting director, Huntsman helped shape the research philosophies, the staff of the biological and technological stations and their programs. As professor of marine biology at University of Toronto 1927-54, he taught most fisheries research scientists trained during the 1920s and 1930s. In his lifetime he was honoured frequently by scientific societies in Canada, the US and the UK and in 1952 was awarded the RSC Flavelle Medal.