Michener, Daniel Roland

Daniel Roland Michener, politician, governor general of Canada 1967-74 (b at Lacombe, Alta 19 Apr 1900; d at Toronto 6 Aug 1991). Educated at the University of Alberta (1920), Michener attended Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, where he became friends with L.B. PEARSON. Michener practised law in Toronto from 1924, was an Ontario MPP, 1945-48, and a Cabinet minister 1946-48. Describing himself as "a small 'l' liberal and a capital 'C' Conservative," he was MP for Toronto St Paul's 1953-62. Speaker of the House 1957-62, he was civilized and witty but clashed frequently with PM John DIEFENBAKER. After Michener suffered defeat in the 1962 election, PM Pearson appointed him high commissioner to India 1964-67, and governor general in 1967. Michener and his accomplished wife, Norah, democratized the office (curtailing the curtsey, for example), and were among the busiest and most creative of viceregal couples. Among the Michener innovations were frequent state visits abroad, periodic meetings with provincial lieutenant-governors, and the establishment of an Honours Secretariat (the Order of Canada having been instituted in 1967) at Rideau Hall.