Gagnier, Joseph

Joseph Gagnier. Clarinetist, b Ancienne-Lorette, near Quebec City, 5 Apr 1854, d Montreal 19 Apr 1919. Having decided to make a career in music, he moved in 1874 to Montreal, where he studied theory with Ernest Lavigne and Joseph Geai and clarinet with Oscar Arnold and Jacques Vanpoucke. He played in several theatres in Montreal and was clarinetist 1890-1919 at Sohmer Park. During the 1905-6 season he and his son J.-J. agreed to play bassoon in the Goulet MSO, after the orchestra had tried unsuccessfully to find two bassoonists among the city's other musicians. Gagnier taught music and a variety of instruments to several of his 27 children, thus forming a veritable Gagnier orchestra.

See also J.-J. Gagnier, Guillaume Gagnier, René Gagnier, Armand Gagnier, Ernest Gagnier, Lucien Gagnier, Réal Gagnier, Roland Gagnier, Claire Gagnier, Gérald Gagnier, Ève Gagnier, (all members of the same musical family).