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Francis Mawson Rattenbury

As tourists stroll through the legislative buildings in Victoria or refresh themselves with tea at the Empress Hotel just down the street, they would not be surprised that the man who designed these historic buildings was the leading architect of his day in British Columbia.

Eberhard Zeidler

Eberhard Heinrich Zeidler, OC, OOnt, architect (born 11 January 1926 in Braunsdorf, Germany). Eberhard Zeidler has been one of the most successful Canadian exponents of building technology as a central theme for architectural design.

Graham Fraser

Graham Fraser, industrialist, community leader (b at New Glasgow, NS 12 Aug 1846; d there 25 Dec 1915). Following training in the US, Fraser returned to New Glasgow in 1867 to work in J.W. Carmichael's shipyards.

James William Carmichael

James William Carmichael, shipbuilder-owner, merchant, politician (b at New Glasgow, NS 16 Dec 1819; d there 1 May 1903). Carmichael, son of New Glasgow's founder, James Carmichael, became its most prominent merchant, shipbuilder and shipowner.

Åsbjørn Gathe

In 1953 Åsbjørn Gathe completed designs for Westminster Priory, which included Westminster Abbey, the Seminary of Christ the King and related buildings.

Jack Diamond

Abel Joseph (Jack) Diamond, OC, O.Ont, architect (born 8 November 1932 in Piet Retief, South Africa). An Officer of the Order of Canada and multiple winner of the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture, Jack Diamond is one of the most significant and successful Canadian architects of his generation.

Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Alberto Pérez-Gómez, b 24 December 1949 in Mexico City, Mexico. He obtained an undergraduate degree in architecture and engineering in Mexico City, did postgraduate work at Cornell University, and was awarded a Master of Arts (1975) and a PhD (1979) by the University of Essex in England.

Alexander Cowper Hutchison

Hutchison deserves credit for the careful detailing that characterizes all of the firm's output, including the Redpath Museum, testimony no doubt to his apprentice years as a craftsman-builder. Hutchison and Steele gained international reputation as ice-palace designers.

Andrew Randall Cobb

Andrew Randall Cobb, architect (b at Brooklyn, NY 13 June 1876; d at Halifax 2 June 1943). After studying at Acadia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the École des beaux-arts, Paris, Cobb travelled in Italy, returning to Halifax in 1909 and establishing his practice there in 1912.

Henry Beatty

Henry Beatty, businessman, pioneer transportation official (b at Cootehill, Ire 1 May 1834; d at Toronto 10 Apr 1914). Beatty immigrated with his parents to Thorold, Canada W, when he was 9.

John By

John By, lt-col, Royal Engineers (b at Lambeth, Eng and bap 10 Aug 1779; d at Frant, Eng 1 Feb 1836).

Sir Samuel Cunard

Sir Samuel Cunard, merchant, shipowner (b at Halifax 21 Nov 1787; d at London, Eng 28 Apr 1865).

Donald McKay

Donald McKay, designer and builder of clipper ships (b at Jordan Falls, NS 4 Sept 1810; d at Hamilton, Mass 20 Sept 1880). As a boy he learned the shipbuilder's trade in his father's and uncle's shipyards on the Jordan River.

Bing Thom

Bing Wing Thom, CM, architect (born 8 December 1940 in Hong Kong; died 4 October 2016 in Hong Kong). A Member of the Order of Canada and a winner of the Governor General’s Award, Bing Thom’s strong design values and holistic approach in practice made him one of Canada’s top architects.

Shim-Sutcliffe Architects

Brigitte Shim, architect, professor (born 8 December 1958 in Kingston, Jamaica) and Howard Sutcliffe, architect (born 4 May 1958 in Yorkshire, England).

Maxwell Bates

Maxwell Bates, artist, architect, author, poet (b at Calgary 14 Dec 1906; d at Victoria 14 Sept 1980).

Francis Mawson Rattenbury

Aided by his prize-winning ability as draftsman, Rattenbury quickly supplanted the earlier generation of immigrant architects in the province.

Frank Gehry

By the latter part of the 20th century, Toronto-born Frank Gehry had evolved into one of the most recognizable and publicly discussed architects in the world — one of a handful of architects whose widely recognized projects put architecture back into public discourse.

Raymond Tait Affleck

Raymond Tait Affleck, architect (b at Penticton, BC 20 Nov 1922; d at Montréal 16 Mar 1989).

John Smith Archibald

John Smith Archibald, architect (b at Inverness, Scot 14 Dec 1872; d at Montréal 2 Mar 1934).

Eric Ross Arthur

Eric Ross Arthur, architect, author, educator, heritage conservationist (b at Dunedin, New Zealand 1 July 1898; d at Toronto, Canada 1 Nov. 1982).

Baillairgé Family

Baillairgé Family, architects, sculptors and painters active in Québec for 5 generations until well into the 20th century, the most prominent of whom are Jean, François, Thomas and Charles.

Claude Baillif

Claude Baillif dit Regnault, masonry builder, architect (b c1635; d at sea, early 1699). The Séminaire de Québec hired Baillif as a stonecutter at La Rochelle, France, in May 1675.

Barber and Barber

Barber and Barber, architects, Winnipeg's most prolific architectural firm 1876-87.

John Bland

John Bland, emeritus professor of architecture at McGill, distinguished architect, town planner, architectural historian and author as well as one of the foremost educators of architects in Canada (b at Lachine, Qué 13 Nov 1911; d in Montreal March 26, 2002).