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Frank Ross Anderson

Frank Ross Anderson, international chess master (b at Edmonton, Alta 3 Jan 1938; d at San Diego, Calif 18 Sept 1980).

Peter Biyiasas

Peter Biyiasas, chess grandmaster (b at Athens, Greece 19 Nov 1950). He moved to Canada as a child, began to play seriously in Vancouver in the late 1960s, and won the British Columbia championship 1968-71.

Duncan Suttles

Duncan Suttles, chess grandmaster (b at San Francisco, Calif 21 Dec 1945). He moved to Vancouver as a child and became Canada's second grandmaster in 1972.

Kevin Spraggett

Kevin Spraggett, Canadian chess grandmaster (b at Montreal 10 Nov 1954). His chess career gained momentum with a second-place showing at the 1973 Canadian Open.

George Chénier

George Chénier, snooker player (born 14 November 1907 in Hull, QC; died 16 November 1970 in Toronto, ON).

Clifford Charles Devlin Thorburn

Clifford Charles Devlin Thorburn, snooker player (b at Victoria 16 Jan 1948). Since leaving school after grade 10, Cliff Thorburn has played snooker and pool virtually full-time. In 1971 he won the North American Snooker championship and since then has played in 33 different countries.

Dave Barr

Dave Barr, golfer (b at Kelowna, BC 13 Apr 1952). Barr learned his golf while banging balls around a Kelowna schoolyard before joining the Kelowna Golf Club on a junior membership. He later attended Oral Roberts University on a golf scholarship, and turned professional in 1974.

Gary Cowan

Gary Cowan, golfer (b at Kitchener, Ont 28 Oct 1938). One of Canada's finest amateur golfers, Cowan learned his craft under teaching professional Lloyd Tucker in Kitchener. He represented Canada in many international competitions, including the World Amateur and Commonwealth team matches.

Dan Halldorson

Daniel Albert Halldorson, golfer (b at Winnipeg 2 Apr 1952). Halldorson grew up in Shilo, Man. He first golfed at the Sandy Hook Golf Club across the road from his house. After turning professional in 1971, he eventually found his way to the US tour in 1979.

George Knudson

George Knudson, golfer (b at Winnipeg 28 June 1937; d at Toronto 24 Jan 1989). Knudson was introduced to golf as a teenager at St Charles Country Club, Winnipeg, and later moved to Toronto. Fascinated with the golf swing, he was determined to make his reliable and efficient.

Stan Leonard

Stan Leonard, golfer (b at Vancouver, 2 Feb 1915). Leonard turned professional in 1938.

George Seymour Lyon

Although an outstanding all-round athlete, his chief claim to fame is his gold medal victory in golf in the 1904 Olympics at St Louis. At age 38 George Lyon took up golf and between 1898 and 1914 won the Canadian Amateur title 8 times.

Ada Mackenzie

Ada Mackenzie, golfer (b at Toronto 30 Oct 1891; d at Richmond Hill, Ont 25 Jan 1973). Mackenzie paved the way for women to take golf seriously by founding the first club restricted to women, the Ladies' Golf and Tennis Club, in Thornhill, Ont, in May 1925. Mackenzie's own play set high standards.

Sandra Post

Sandra Post, golfer (b in Oakville, Ont 4 June 1948). She became Canada's first female professional golfer in 1968 and won the Ladies Professional Golf Association Championship at Sutton, Mass, during her rookie year.

Marlene Stewart Streit

Marlene Stewart Streit, golfer (b at Cereal, Alta 9 Mar 1934). Streit played junior golf in Fonthill, Ont. She was a powerful competitor, her game marked by fierce pride and will to win, and she became Canada's greatest women's amateur golfer.

Nick Weslock

Nick Weslock, golfer (born 13 December 1917 in Winnipeg, MB; died 27 October 2007 in Burlington, ON).