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Robert Sutherland

Robert Sutherland, lawyer, benefactor (born c. 1830 in Jamaica; died 2 June 1878 in Toronto, ON). Sutherland was the first university student and graduate of colour in Canada, as well as its first Black lawyer.

Benjamin Lett: Early Canadian Terrorist

In the early morning of Good Friday, April 17, 1840, a terrific explosion shattered the peaceful atmosphere of the village of Queenston in Upper Canada (now Ontario). Brock’'s Monument, burial place of General Sir Isaac Brock, the much-revered hero of the War of 1812, was in ruins.

Toronto Feature: The Boyd Gang

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Leonard Braithwaite

​Leonard Austin Braithwaite, CM, OOnt, QC, lawyer, politician (born 23 October 1923 in Toronto, ON; died 28 March 2012 in Toronto). Braithwaite was the first Black Canadian elected to a provincial legislature. He served as a Liberal member of the Ontario Legislature from 1963 to 1975.

The Formation of the RCMP

The Dominion government's advertisement asked for volunteers "able to read and write either the English or French language" with "good antecedents" who were good horsemen. Across the Dominion, young men applied, craving adventure, their imaginations fired by James Fennimore Cooper.

Thomas Chandler Haliburton

Haliburton's reputation lies in the many substantial works in provincial history, political pamphlets and fiction that he wrote from 1823 to 1860. His first book was published in 1823 when he was 27.

Delos Davis

Delos Rogest Davis, KC, teacher and lawyer (born 4 August 1846 in Maryland, died 13 April 1915 in Anderdon Township, ON). Davis was the second Black lawyer in Canada and the first Black person appointed to the King’s Counsel in all of the British Empire.

Lincoln Alexander

Lincoln MacCauley Alexander, CC, QC, OOnt, lawyer, parliamentarian, public servant, lieutenant-governor of Ontario (born 21 January 1922 in Toronto, ON; died 19 October 2012 in Hamilton, ON). Alexander was the first Black Canadian Member of Parliament, cabinet minister and lieutenant-governor (Ontario).

Donald H. Oliver

Donald H. Oliver, lawyer, businessman, senator (b at Wolfville, NS 16 Nov 1938). In 1990, Donald Oliver became Canada's first African-Canadian senator when he was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Brian MULRONEY on 7 Sept 1990.

Wilbert Colin Thatcher

Wilbert Colin Thatcher, rancher, politician (b at Toronto, Ont 25 Aug 1938). The only son of Liberal premier Ross Thatcher, Colin Thatcher entered Saskatchewan politics in 1975 as Liberal MLA for Thunder Creek.

Sherwood Lett

Sherwood Lett, soldier, lawyer, chief justice of BC (b at Iroquois, Ont 1 Aug 1895; d at Vancouver 2 July 1964).

Garth Howard Drabinsky

Garth Howard Drabinsky, lawyer, entrepreneur (b at Toronto 27 Oct 1948).

William Miner

William Miner, Bill, outlaw, first train robber in Canada (b at Bowling Green, KY circa 1847; d at Covington, GA 2 Sept 1913). Known as the "Gentleman Bandit" because of his good manners during holdups, Bill Miner achieved notoriety for numerous stagecoach and train robberies in the American West.

Robert Bourassa

Robert Bourassa, premier of Québec (1970–1976 and 1985–1994), politician, lawyer, economist (born 14 July 1933 in Montréal, QC; died 2 October 1996 in Montréal).

Marie Deschamps

​Marie Deschamps, CC, justice of the Supreme Court of Canada (2002–2012), Québec jurist, lawyer, educator (born 2 October 1952 in Repentigny, QC).

Bartholomew Roberts

Bartholomew Roberts, pirate (b in Pembrokeshire, Wales c 1682; d 10 Feb 1722).

John Howard Sissons

John Howard Sissons, "Jack," lawyer, judge (b at Orillia, Ont 14 July 1892; d at Edmonton 11 July 1969).

Judges' Salaries (Reference)

The main question in dispute in the reference on judges' salaries (1997) concerned the financial security of judges of provincial courts. In this case the governments of Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and Alberta had reduced the salaries of their provincial court judges without prior consultation.

Alexander Henderson

Alexander Henderson, lawyer, politician, commissioner of Yukon Territory (b at Oshawa, Ont 13 Mar 1861; d at Vancouver 13 Dec 1940). Educated at Osgoode Hall, University of Toronto, Henderson was called to the Ontario bar in 1899 and the BC bar in 1891.

Zebulon Aiton Lash

Zebulon Aiton Lash, lawyer, businessman, civil servant (b at St John's Sept 1846; d at Toronto 24 Jan 1920). Called to the Ontario bar in 1868, Lash set up practice in Toronto. He specialized in commercial law and in 1872 was also appointed lecturer at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Richard Cartwright

Richard Cartwright, businessman, officeholder, judge, militia officer, author (b at Albany, NY 2 Feb 1759; d at Montréal, 27 July 1815). A committed LOYALIST, Cartwright was expelled from New York in October 1777.


Bailiff, sheriff's deputy employed for the execution of judgements (eg, seizure of judgement debtor's goods, repossession of chattels, and evictions); also, an officer of the court having custody of prisoners under arraignment.

William Paul McClure Kennedy

William Paul McClure Kennedy, historian, jurist, educator (born 8 January 1879 in Shankill, Ireland; died 12 August 1963 in ​Toronto, ​ON).

Benjamin Russell

Benjamin Russell, jurist, author (b at Dartmouth, NS 10 Jan 1849; d at Halifax 21 Sept 1935). An accomplished and versatile jurist, Russell quickly distinguished himself after being called to the NS Bar in 1872.

William Pugsley

William Pugsley, lawyer, politician, premier and lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick (b at Sussex, NB 27 Sept 1850; d at Toronto 3 Mar 1925).