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Calgary Opera's "Filumena"

A YOUNG IMMIGRANT WOMAN is forced into a loveless arranged marriage with a much older man. She is later lured into the employ of another man, a dashing bootlegger and, according to community gossip, becomes romantically involved with either him or his son.


Music on the Web

The crowd at Vancouver's venerable Commodore nightclub roars as the band on stage cracks out the opening chords of a rock anthem. Beneath its aural assault, Leader of Men is a song about self-doubt - an irony that eludes most in the audience. The four members of the group Nickelback don't mind.


Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

The following year (1985) the orchestra moved to its new home: the Jack Singer Concert Hall at the EPCOR CENTRE FOR PERFORMING ARTS. Under Bernardi's direction, the CPO toured eastern Canada in 1989.

Electroacoustic Music

Electroacoustic music is composed, performed or reproduced with the aid of electronic technology, excluding instrumental and vocal music heard via loudspeakers. The term includes tape, electronic and computer music, each with its own techniques.

Purcell String Quartet

The Vancouver-based PSQ was founded in 1969 by 4 Vancouver Symphony Orchestra principals, Norman Nelson and Raymond Ovens (violins), Simon Streatfeild (viola) and Ian Hampton (cello). The ensemble was joined in 1969 by Philippe Etter (viola) and in 1979 by Sydney Humphreys and Bryan King (violins).

Montreal Symphony Orchestra Upheaval

It looks like an operatic finale to one of the most productive partnerships in classical music. After 25 years as artistic director of the MONTREAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, Charles Dutoit abruptly resigned his position last week, in the midst of a nasty spat with his once loyal musicians.


World Music

World music is a direct and powerful indicator of the multicultural nature of Canadian society. Broadly interpreted, "world music" can mean the traditional musics of cultures outside North America and Western Europe, or contemporary versions of traditional musics.

Symphony Nova Scotia

While the present Symphony Nova Scotia was formed in 1983, its roots go back to 1897 when Max Weil founded the Halifax Symphony Orchestra, the first professional symphony orchestra in Canada.

Canadian Opera Company

The Canadian Opera Company supports and advances Canadian artists and works through its Ensemble Studio and Composer-in-Residence programmes.


The simple verse-songs of the early Christian church and the chorales and metrical psalms of the Reformation have been sung by Canadians since the 17th century.

Les Violons du Roy

Les Violons du Roy was formed in 1984 under the instigation of its artistic director, Bernard Labadie. This chamber orchestra, composed of 15 musicians, is dedicated to the vast chamber orchestra repertoire, and favours the most accurate possible approach to musical stylistics.

Orchestra London Canada

Orchestra London Canada — also known as London Promenade Orchestra (1937–45), London Civic Symphony Orchestra (1945–57) and London Symphony Orchestra (1957–81) — developed into one of Ontario’s leading community orchestras before achieving professional status in the 1970s.

Music Composition

The attribution of the music to a native-born priest, Charles-Amador Martin (1648-1711), is an attractive possibility, though not fully proven. This piece, though not nearly as early as the earliest compositions from New Spain, does antedate the earliest known by composers of New England.

Straight Edge Kids

It's Saturday night in a downtown Toronto club. The music is throbbing, cigarette smoke fills the air, drinks are being served as quickly as the waitresses can deliver, and singles scan the room for company. In other words, it's another night of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. But there's a twist.


Tafelmusik's 20th Season

Jeanne Lamon was addressing the faithful in Toronto’s Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church. But far from delivering a sober sermon, the musical director of the Tafelmusik Baroque orchestra was talking about filthy lucre.


Celtic Music Reels in New Fans

Lamond, best known for Sleepy Maggie - a hit single she performed with fiddler and fellow Cape Bretoner Ashley MacIsaac on his 1995 album, Hi, How Are You Today? - is only one of the latest Celtic acts to receive a major-label release.

Canadian Music on a Roll

Despite the steady stream of Canadian musicians who have won international stardom in the past 30 years - Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Anne Murray and Rush, to name a few - until fairly recently the country was still a bit of a POP-MUSIC backwater. Most performers had to move south to get established.

Joni Mitchell's Secret

It is all there, encoded in the song. A true story of secrets and lies. The child "born with the moon in Cancer" is the baby that Joni Mitchell gave up for adoption.



With its small body and 6 nylon strings, the classical guitar is played on a wide fingerboard, allowing for simultaneous control of melody and harmony. It is responsive to a considerable degree of musical expression, on par with the violin and other concert instruments.

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Thomas Ralston served as associate conductor from 1960 until 1964, when Brian Priestman became conductor and music director. He was succeeded in 1968 by Lawrence Leonard, who was the conductor and music director when the ESO became a fully professional orchestra in 1971.

Drumming Finds New Popularity

They are the first to admit they play garbage. They bang trash cans and hubcaps. They brush rhythms across the stage with brooms. They do a thundering tap dance with oil drums strapped to their boots, and create quirky shuffles with Zippo lighters, rattling matchboxes and plastic bags.

Canadian Women Dominate Grammys

In all, Canadians claimed a record 12 Grammys at the 38th annual ceremony.

Saraste Revives TSO

When the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's new CD appears in music stores next fall, its cover will feature a photo of its exciting young conductor, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, looking casual - even hip - in jeans and dark glasses.


Troubles at the OSM

The MSO's administrative and financial problems, however, have piled up as fast as their awards. In the past several months, the orchestra's management has been in disarray, with five senior people getting laid off in February.

Country and Western Music

The Maritimes, parts of Ontario and BC shared a strong folk tradition similar to that of the Appalachian region, and country music found ready acceptance in Canada.