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Kathleen Howard

Kathleen Howard. Contralto, b Clifton (Niagara Falls), Ont, 17 Jul 1880, d Hollywood 15 Aug 1956. She was a child when her English parents emigrated to Buffalo, but she returned to Canada in 1903 to tour as soloist with the Coldstream Guards.


Albert Clerk-Jeannotte

Albert Clerk-Jeannotte. Tenor, teacher, administrator, b St-Hilaire (now Mont-St-Hilaire), near Montreal, 15 Jan 1881, d New York 21 Jul 1945. He began music study with his uncle, Alexandre-M. Clerk, and with Achille Fortier.


Bernard Labadie

Bernard Labadie. Conductor, b Quebec City 27 Mar 1963; B MUS (Laval) 1986, premier prix harmony (CMM) 1988, deuxième prix counterpoint (CMQ) 1989. Labadie's interest in music, especially Baroque music, started when he received an album of Bach's Mass in B Minor at age 11.


Wilson-McAllister Guitar Duo

Wilson-McAllister Guitar Duo. Duo active 1977-89 and comprised of Donald (William) Wilson (b Elrose, Sask, 21 Feb 1952; B MUS Toronto 1975), and Peter McAllister (b Collingwood, Ont, 19 Aug 1954; B MUS Toronto 1977). Both were students of Eli Kassner.


Pierick Houdy

Houdy, Pierick. Composer, organist, pianist, choirmaster, teacher, b Rennes, France, 18 Jan 1929, naturalized Canadian 1976; premier prix composition (Paris Cons) 1954. He began his musical education at seven at the Rennes Cons.


Edouard Hesselberg

Hesselberg, Edouard (Gregory). Pianist, composer, b Riga, Latvia 3 May 1870, d Los Angeles 12 Jun 1935. He studied at the Cons of the Moscow Philharmonic Society and privately with Anton Rubinstein.


Pierre Duval

Pierre Duval (born Ovide Coutu), tenor (born 17 September 1932 in Montreal, QC; died 31 May 2004 in Laval, QC). He took lessons from Frank Rowe in Montreal and from Rachele Maragliano-Mori 1956-7 in Rome and in 1958 at the Accademia Santa Cecilia. He continued his studies 1958-9 at the CMM with Dina Maria Narici.


Phyllis Mailing

Phyllis (Margaret) Mailing. Mezzo-soprano, teacher, b Brantford, Ont, 4 Nov 1929, d West Vancouver, B.C., 26 Nov 2004; ARCT voice and piano 1950, honorary FRHCM 1978.


Georges Dufresne

Georges (Joseph-Édouard) Dufresne. Tenor, radio producer, b Nicolet, Que, 21 May 1894, d Montreal 25 Jun 1973. After receiving his formal education at the Nicolet Seminary, he settled in Montreal, where he studied with Rodolphe Mathieu and Albert Clerk-Jeannotte.


Louise Bessette

Louise Bessette. Pianist, b Montreal 20 Jun 1959; premier prix chamber music (Conservatoire de musique du Québec à Montréal [CMM]) 1979; premier prix piano (CMM) 1980.


Canada's Unknown Writers

They write about anything and everything. A Parisian cop and his unlikely Gestapo partner in occupied France. Magical swords in a parallel Tudor kingdom. Tempestuous Regency heroines. Quiet Christian prayer. Guides to fantasy realms.


Antoine Reboulot

Antoine Reboulot. Organist, pianist, teacher, composer, (Decize, Nièvre, France, Dec. 17, 1914 - Montreal, July 11, 2002, naturalized Canadian 1978); first prize in organ (Cons national de Paris) 1936, first prize in composition (ibid) 1947.


Lynda Gaudreau

Lynda Gaudreau, choreographer, artistic director, teacher, advisor (born at Sept- ëles, Qué). Lynda Gaudrea's academic background is in art history and philosophy from the University of Ottawa, Université de Montréal and Université de Québec à Montréal, and she trained in jazz and classical DANCE.


Jacques Beaudry

(Joseph René) Jacques (André) Beaudry, conductor (born 10 October 1924 in Sorel, QC; died 3 June 2017 in Sorel). BA (Montreal) 1945.


Claude Webster

Claude Webster. Pianist, vocal coach, b Roberval, Lac-St-Jean, Que, 5 Sep 1961; B MUS (Montreal) 1983, M MUS (Montreal) 1985.


Fernand Létourneau

Fernand (Wilfrid Joseph) Létourneau. Organ manufacturer and rebuilder, b St-Hyacinthe, Que, 24 Sep 1944. Initially he worked as a carpenter but an interest in organs attracted him to Casavant Frères into whose employ he entered in 1965. He stayed with the company for 14 years.