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Monique Miller

Monique Miller was born into a working class family in Rosemont, and when very young she enrolled in the class of Mme Jean-Louis Audet, who helped her get her first radio engagements at the age of 11. The child learned much by observing her fellow artists.


Marie-Josée Simard

Marie-Josée Simard. Percussionist, b La Baie, near Chicoutimi, Que, 29 Nov 1956; premier prix percussion (CMM) 1979. Born into a musical family, Simard made her debut on vibraphone in her parents' orchestra in Baie-Comeau.


Marg Osburne

"Don Messer and His Islanders" first appeared on television in 1956. The original show evolved into "Don Messer's Jubilee" and Marg Osburne's folksy-gospel style continued to be popular. In 1960, CFRN TV Edmonton named Osburne the most popular female personality on television.


Jennifer Abel

Raised in Laval, Qué, Abel began DIVING in 1996. During her second year competing nationally, Abel became national champion in the 1 m diving event. Over the next 4 years, Abel continued to compete nationally as an individual diver.


Richard B. Wright

Richard Bruce Wright, novelist, editor, teacher (born 4 March 1937 in Midland, ON; died 7 February 2017). Richard Wright's novels frequently explore lives in urban Canada and crises of personal identity in modern cities.


Marie Tifo

Marie Tifo, born Marie Thiffeault, actor (b at Chicoutimi, Que, 26 Sept 1948). This exceptional actor, whose career includes more than 80 theatrical productions, some 30 films and several television series, is among the most outstanding of her generation.


Karen Solie

Karen Solie, poet (b at Moose Jaw, Sask 6 Jul 1966). Prize-winning and internationally celebrated poet Karen Solie grew up on her family's farm in rural Saskatchewan.


Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen, actor, author (b at Regina 11 Feb 1926, d at Fort Lauderdale, Fla 28 Nov 2010). Leslie Nielsen was a veteran of more than 100 motion pictures and 1500 television appearances.


Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee, comedian, actor, writer, producer (born 25 October 1969 in TorontoON). A whip smart and scrappy comedian with an acerbic and aggressive edge, Samantha Bee is perhaps best known as the longest-serving correspondent (2003–15) on the satirical comedy news program The Daily Show. A winner of three Canadian Comedy Awards, she has also acted in numerous films and television series. Her own late-night comedy series, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, debuted in February 2016.


Stanley Saunders

Stanley Saunders. Administrator, educator, conductor, clarinetist, b Newport, Gwent (then Monmouthshire), Wales, 3 May 1927; DIP MUS (Wales) 1951, M MUS (Oregon) 1967, DMA (Oregon) 1970.


Richard Outram

Richard Outram, poet (born at Port Hope, Ont 9 April 1930; died there 21 January 2005). Richard Outram is often cited as an essential contributor to Canadian POETRY from the second half of the 20th century.


Judy Fong Bates

Judy Fong Bates, writer, teacher (born at Kaiping County, Guangdong, China 22 Dec 1949). Judy Fong Bates IMMIGRATED to Canada with her mother in 1955. Meeting her father in Allandale (now Barrie), Ontario, Fong Bates discovered she and her parents were the only ASIAN citizens in the area.



Shingoose (also Curtis Jonnie), Ojibwe singer-songwriter, guitarist, folk musician, Indigenous activist (born on 26 October 1946 in Winnipeg, MB; died on 12 January 2021 in Winnipeg, MB). Shingoose rose to popularity in Canada and the US in the late 1960s. A well-respected musician, Shingoose was also a strong advocate of Indigenous issues and strove to highlight Indigenous culture on the world stage. (See also Music of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.)


Marti Maraden

Marti Maraden, actor, director (born at El Centro, Ca 22 June 1945). Marti Maraden has worked with distinction at both the STRATFORD and SHAW festivals for more than 30 years.


Sonny Greenwich

Turning exclusively to jazz by 1960, Greenwich appeared at such Toronto venues as The Cellar, The First Floor Club, and The Bohemian Embassy with his own bands, and also performed locally with the tenor saxophonist Don William (D.T.) Thompson and others.

Memory Project

Aimee Marie Ange "Amy" Vetters (née Guite) (Primary Source)

Aimee Marie Ange "Amy" Vetters (née Guite) was in the Royal Canadian Airforce in the Second World War. Read and listen to Aimee Vetters’s testimony below

Please be advised that Memory Project primary sources may deal with personal testimony that reflect the speaker’s recollections and interpretations of events. Individual testimony does not necessarily reflect the views of the Memory Project and Historica Canada.


Gerald Cowhey (Primary Source)

"You're twenty years old and you think of your own mortality and are you going to survive the next twenty-six trips. We did."

See below for Mr. Cowhey's entire testimony.

Please be advised that Memory Project primary sources may deal with personal testimony that reflect the speaker’s recollections and interpretations of events. Individual testimony does not necessarily reflect the views of the Memory Project and Historica Canada.


Saint André

Saint André (né Alfred Bessette), faith healer, religious counsellor (born 9 August 1845 in St-Grégoire-d'Iberville, Canada East; died 6 January 1937 in Montréal, QC).