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Scurvy is a disease caused by a dietary deficiency of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The disease has occurred with regular frequency throughout human history and prehistory in populations lacking fresh foods, especially vegetables and meat.


Safety Standards

Safety Standards, documents or codes which describe characteristics or usage for products, materials and services, are intended to protect citizens from the hazards of technology.


St Albans Raid

St Albans Raid, one of several incidents heightening tensions between Great Britain and the US during the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. On 19 Oct 1864 a party of Confederate agents based in Canada raided the town of St Albans, Vt.


Genetic Engineering

Interspecies gene transfer occurs naturally; interspecies hybrids produced by sexual means can lead to new species with genetic components of both pre-existing species. Interspecies hybridization played an important role in the development of domesticated plants.



Seaweeds are multicellular marine algae, visible to the naked eye. They extend from the uppermost reaches of sea spray on the shore to the lower limits of light beneath the surface of the water.


Global Goes National

It was like a scene from Traders, Global TV's popular drama about life in Bay Street's fast lane. Only this time, the star of the show was Izzy Asper in the role of the shrewd and stubborn chief executive.



The salmon is a family of fish, Salmonidae [Lat salire, "to leap"], with soft fin rays, a short dorsal fin, an adipose (fatty) fin, and teeth in the jaws.


Semaines sociales du Canada

Semaines sociales du Canada, annual conferences started in 1920 by Jesuit Fr Joseph-Papin ARCHAMBAULT and organizers from the École sociale populaire. The goal was to train an elite who would spread a Christian spirit and the church's SOCIAL DOCTRINE throughout Québec's mores, institutions and laws.


Sexual Assault

Until it was amended in 1982 the Criminal Code contained the offence of rape. The offence required proof that a man had sexual intercourse with a woman other than his wife without the woman's consent. It was punishable by up to life imprisonment.



The shearwater (order Procellariiformes, family Procellariidae) is a medium-sized seabird.



Rutabaga (Brassica napus, Napobrassica Group), herbaceous biennial vegetable belonging to the Cruciferae family and grown as a root crop in all provinces.


Sailing Ships

In Canada's age of sail (1800-75) over 4000 ships, each exceeding 500 tons burthen, were built in Canada. In 1878 Canadian-registered ships numbered 7196 and totalled 1 333 015 tons. Among the nations, Canada stood fourth in seagoing tonnage.



Rhubarb (genus Rheum) is a common name for about 50 species of cool-season herbaceous perennial plants belonging to the buckwheat family and originating in central Asia.



Under s67 of the Criminal Code, where a riot involving 12 or more people is in progress, a justice, mayor, sheriff or other designated official is authorized to order the rioters to disperse in the name of the Queen. In popular terms, this is "reading the Riot Act.


Transportation Association of Canada

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) is a non-profit association that provides a neutral forum for discussing technical issues related to road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation. It brings together governments, private companies, academic institutions and other organizations in Canada. The non-partisan association’s mission is “to work together to share ideas, build knowledge, promote best practices, foster leadership, and encourage bold transportation solutions.”