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William Merton Neal

William Merton Neal, "Billy," railway executive (b at Toronto 20 June 1886; d at Longbow Lk, Ont 19 Oct 1961). Neal entered the CPR's service in 1902, qualifying as a stenographer in Winnipeg 2 years later.


Edward Gawler Prior

Edward Gawler Prior, mining engineer, businessman, premier of BC 1902-03 (b at Dallaghgill, Eng 21 May 1853; d at Victoria 12 Dec 1920). In 1873 Prior immigrated to Vancouver Island, BC, and worked for a mining company in Nanaimo.


Reichmann Family

Reichmann Family, real-estate developers. The 3 brothers, Albert, Paul and Ralph were born in Austria where their parents had moved in 1928 and after further moves to France, Spain and Morocco, they arrived in Canada in 1956.


Aaron Roland Mosher

Aaron Roland Mosher, trade unionist (b in Halifax County, NS 10 May 1881; d at Ottawa 26 Sept 1959). In 1907 Mosher led Halifax freight-shed employees on strike.


Tom Moore

Tom Moore, carpenter, trade-union leader (b at Leeds, Eng 1878; d at Ottawa 6 July 1943). Arriving in Canada in 1909, Moore practised his trade in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and served in the carpenters' union as both local official and general organizer for eastern Canada 1911-18.


Art Dealers

Art dealers in Canada have served as art dealers everywhere, not only as sellers of art but as tastemakers. Since they act as a link between the work of art and the art-buying public, they have an important role in the identification of who is important in Canadian art.


Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan, merchant, founder of Canada's oldest department store (b at Saline, Scot 1819; d at Montréal 12 Dec 1893). After apprenticing in a Scottish wholesale house, Morgan came to Canada 1845 and opened a dry-goods store with David Starke Smith on St Joseph Street (now Notre Dame) in Montréal.


Sir William Price

Sir William Price, lumber merchant, manufacturer (b at Talca, Chile 30 Aug 1867; d at Kenogami, Qué 2 Oct 1924). The grandson of William PRICE, young Price was educated at private schools in Québec and England before entering the family firm, Price Bros and Company, in 1886.


James Colledge Pope

James Colledge Pope, entrepreneur, landed proprietor, land agent, politician, premier of PEI (b at Bedeque, PEI 11 June 1826; d at Summerside, PEI 18 May 1885). Second son in a family prominent in Prince Edward Island business and politics (he was the younger brother of W.H.


Sylvia Ostry

Sylvia Ostry, née Knelman, economist, public servant (b at Winnipeg 3 June 1927). Ostry was educated in Winnipeg and at McGill and Cambridge. She began her career in university teaching at McGill and Oxford.


Thomas Dufferin Pattullo

Faced with the tremendous economic and social problems of the GREAT DEPRESSION, Pattullo was innovative in extending the role of government. His frustration with the limitations of provincial power led to a battle with Ottawa that resulted in a reappraisal of Canadian federalism.


Simeon Perkins

Simeon Perkins, merchant, diarist (b at Norwich, Conn 24 Feb 1735; d at Liverpool, NS 9 May 1812). He arrived in Liverpool in 1762 and rapidly became the leading local merchant, dealing in fish and lumber, building sawmills and


Sir Henry Mill Pellatt

Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, capitalist (born at Kingston, Canada West 16 Jan 1859; died at Toronto 8 Mar 1939). Pellatt was educated at Upper Canada College and had a distinguished athletic career before joining his father's


Izzy Asper (Profile)

Izzy Asper, who describes himself as a former intravenous martini taker, is enjoying the curious gastronomic convergence of a glass of red wine and a sorbet of some indescribable flavor, the origins of which are made more difficult to discern by the Craven A that Asper is concurrently smoking.