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Ann Burrows

(Barbara) Ann Burrows. Teacher, critic, b Entrance, west of Edmonton, 16 Jul 1922; ARCM 1945, M MUS (Indiana) 1964, honorary LL D (Alberta) 1987. Her teachers included Frank Merrick and Frank Howes at the RCM 1942-6, Boris Roubakine in Banff, and Raymond Dudley and György Sebök at Indiana U.


John Charles Dent

John Charles Dent, journalist, historian (b at Kendal, Eng 8 Nov 1841; d at Toronto 27 Sept 1888). After a newspaper career abroad and in Toronto he became a freelance writer. His most successful book was the illustrated 4-vol Canadian Portrait Gallery (1880-81); he wrote 185 of its 204 sketches.


Sonnet L'Abbé

Sonnet L'Abbé, poet, literary critic, teacher (born at Toronto, Ont, 24 September 1973). Sonnet L'Abbé's poetic themes of ethnicity and environmentalism display the influence of her father, a FRANCO-ONTARIAN potter, and mother, a Guyanese artist.


Robert Creech

Robert Edward Creech, French hornist, teacher, administrator (born 26 September 1928 in Victoria, BC; died 20 December 2019 in Quilty, Ireland). Robert Creech was a successful musician, educator and arts administrator. He performed with symphony orchestras across Canada, taught at the University of Western Ontario and served as an administrator in Canada, England and Ireland.


Anthony Genge

Anthony (Charles) Genge. Composer, pianist, teacher, b Vancouver 22 May 1952; B MUS (Victoria) 1979, M MUS (McGill) 1981, PH D (State U of New York, Buffalo) 1985. He began to play jazz piano professionally as a teenager.


George B. Sippi

George B. (Buckley) Sippi. Organist, choirmaster, teacher, b Bombay 10 Mar 1847, d London, Ont, 18 Sep 1915. His family returned in 1854 to Ireland from India, where his Italian grandfather had settled. He attended Queen's College in Cork and studied piano and organ with his uncle, John A.


Nancy Vogan

Nancy (Fraser) Vogan. Educator. b Moncton, NB, 22 Mar 1945; BA music (Mount Allison) 1967, M MUS music education (ESM) 1969, PH D music education (ESM) 1979.


Magdeleine Martin

Magdeleine Martin. Pianist, teacher, b Montreal 28 Aug 1921. She studied piano with her sister Gilberte and organ and harmony with Georges-Émile Tanguay. In 1943 she was admitted to the CMM; her teachers there were Isidor Philipp (piano) and Joseph Bonnet (organ).


Wilson Duff

Wilson Duff, anthropologist, museologist (b at Vancouver 1925; d there 8 Aug 1976). Wilson Duff's entire professional career centered on the study of the Northwest Coast First Nations.


Willy Amtmann

William (Willy or Willi) Amtmann. Historian, violinist, b Vienna 10 Aug 1910, d Ottawa 22 Jul 1996; B MUS (Toronto) 1950, M MUS (ESM, Rochester) 1952, D LITT musicology (Strasbourg) 1956. He received a diploma after studying 1924-30 at the Vienna Academy of Music and arrived in Canada in 1940.


Gustave Comte

Gustave Comte. Critic, teacher, librettist, b Montreal 30 Mar 1874, d there 14 Feb 1932. He abandoned his legal studies to devote himself to music and theatre journalism, and wrote for several dailies in Montreal (La Patrie, La Presse, Le Canada) and Ottawa (Le Temps).


Canada's "Founding Mothers" of French Immersion

Olga Melikoff, Murielle Parkes and Valerie Neale were leaders of the parent group behind the creation, in 1965, of Canada's first bilingual education program, at Margaret Pendlebury Elementary School in the Montreal suburb of Saint-Lambert, Quebec. Their education activism laid the groundwork for the French immersion system in Canada. As a result of their efforts, Melikoff, Parkes and Neale are often referred to as Canada’s “founding mothers" of French immersion.


Children’s Books about Inuit Culture in Canada

Inuit authors have brought the richness and diversity of Inuit culture into the public eye with several enchanting and powerful books. From oral histories to Arctic animals to supernatural creatures, the books on this list explore various elements of the Inuit culture and way of life. Titles listed are recommended for a range of age groups, from toddlers to preteens. These books support efforts to encourage literacy, preserve and promote culture, and educate others about Inuit and Indigenous peoples and history.


Frank Thorolfson

Frank Thorolfson. Educator, pianist, organist, conductor, composer, b Winnipeg, of Icelandic parents, 5 Feb 1914, d Hamilton, Ont, 26 Mar 1977; ATCM 1932, LAB 1933, M MUS (Chicago Musical College) 1952, honorary FRHCM 1972.