Grey, Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl

Grey, Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl, governor general of Canada, 1904-11 (b at St James's Palace, London, Eng 28 Nov 1851; d at Howick, Eng 29 Aug 1917). A keen imperialist, Grey saw his appointment as governor general as an opportunity to forge stronger links of empire. In public speeches in Canada he tried to foster imperial pride and in private he urged PM Wilfrid Laurier to respond favourably to proposals for closer defence ties. He devoted much of his time to Canadian-American relations, working closely with the British ambassador to the US and acting as mediator when Britain and the US seemed to misunderstand Canada's position. Despite vigorous effort, he was unable to achieve the entry of Newfoundland into the Canadian federation. Perhaps best remembered as the donor of the Grey Cup for football supremacy, Grey himself was more interested in the music and drama festivals he inaugurated. It was fortunate for Canada and Britain that in this difficult transition period in imperial relations a governor general of Grey's energy and charm was associated with a prime minister of Laurier's strength and patience.