Created in 1923, l'Association canadienne-française pour l'avancement des sciences (Acfas) played a major role in the emergence of a French-speaking scientific community. At the outset it focussed on two goals: to put an end to the isolation of researchers by regrouping them, and thus increasing their impact on society; and to introduce the sciences to the general public, while ensuring continuity. In 1933, the first Acfas conference took place - now the most important annual multidisciplinary in the French language and an important forum for young researchers. In 1959, the Association published le Bulletin de l'Acfas mandated with establishing new contact among our diverse scientific circles. This Bulletin has subsequently become the research review Interface, the only lay scientific magazine dedicated to the works of the country's French scientists. L'Acfas continues to play a unifying role, and is a mouthpiece for the scientific community.