A comedy cop thriller directed by Érik Canuel, the film Bon Cop Bad Cop opened in Québec theatres on August 4, 2006. Starring Patrick Huard (who helped write the script) and Colm Feore, the film has the distinctive feature of being bilingual, and it plays the linguistic and cultural differences between Québec and Canada to advantage. The characters of two detectives, David Bouchard from Québec and Martin Ward from Toronto, exaggerate and vividly portray these differences to the great delight of audiences. The detectives are required to join forces following the discovery of a corpse found, literally, on the Québec/Ontario border, perched on an advertising billboard with Bonjour Québec on one side and Welcome to Ontario on the other. There appears to be a serial killer interested in eliminating the bigwigs who want to sell Canadian hockey teams to the Americans.

While Detective Bouchard pursues the investigation without respect for protocol in a slack manner and language that nevertheless have value, Detective Ward on the other hand, in suit and tie, wants to go by the book. First, one then the other takes charge, using linguistic exchanges that are hilarious.

This film has won several awards: on February 13, 2007 a Genie for Best Film (2006), a Genie for best sound editing, and a Golden Reel Award; and the prix Jutra for best editing (2007). Bon Cop Bad Cop also broke the Canadian box office record grossing more than $12.2 million.