Canadian Council of Professional Engineers

The Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE)/Conseil canadien des ingénieurs (CCI), established in 1936, is the national organization of the provincial and territorial associations that governs the practice of engineering in Canada. CCPE serves the associations, which are its constituent and sole members, through the delivery of national programs intended to ensure the highest standards of engineering education, professional qualifications and ethical conduct. As the national and international voice of the associations, CCPE also promotes greater public understanding of the nature, role and contribution of engineering to society.

CCPE, through the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), accredits undergraduate engineering programs whose graduates meet or exceed the educational standards required to obtain registration as a professional engineer in Canada. On behalf of the associations, CCPE also formulates and monitors national guidelines on professional engineering qualifications, standards of practice, and ethical professional conduct. This work is undertaken by the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board (CEQB), which CCPE created in 1986.