Charcoal, or Si'k-okskitsis, meaning Black Wood Ashes, outlaw (b 1856?; d at Ft Macleod, Alta 16 Mar 1897). A renowned warrior of the Kainai (Blood) First Nation, Charcoal, in 1896, killed Medicine Pipe Stem, his wife's lover. In the course of a vendetta he shot and wounded a white farm instructor, fired on a police post, and threatened the lives of Blood leaders. Pursued by police, Charcoal evaded capture for several weeks, during which time he killed Sergeant W.B. Wilde of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP). The police exerted pressure on Charcoal's family to help trap him. When Charcoal visited their cabin looking for food and shelter, two of his brothers overpowered him and turned him over to the NWMP. He was convicted on two counts of murder and hanged.