Claude Chauchetière

Claude Chauchetière, Jesuit missionary, painter (b at St-Porchaire-de-Poitiers, France 7 Sept 1645; d at Québec City 17 Apr 1709). A number of Jesuits used illustrations in their evangelization work with the natives, but the only authentic pieces to survive - bound in book form - are by Chauchetière. He arrived in Canada in 1677 and went in 1678 to the Iroquois mission of St-François-Xavier at Sault-St-Louis [Kahnawake, Québec]. Most of his time as a missionary was spent in this village of converted natives. His Narration annuelle de la Mission du Sault depuis la fondation jusqu'à l'an 1686 relates and illustrates the main events of his mission. The full-length portrait of Kateri TEKAKWITHA in the church at Kahnawake is attributed to him, even though the chapel in the tableau appears more recent than any he could have known. The work may be an old copy of his painting.