Auger de Subercase, Daniel d'

Daniel d'Auger de Subercase, military officer and French colonial governor (b at Orthez, France 12 Feb 1661; d at Cannes-L'Ecluse, France 20 Nov 1732). Subercase arrived at Québec in 1687 as a captain in the Marine. He was noted for his energetic approach and served with distinction in several campaigns against the English and Natives. In 1702 he became governor at Placentia, Newfoundland, where he launched, in 1705, an ambitious but unsuccessful attack upon St John's.

He brought a measure of stability to the foundering colony, and in 1706 was rewarded with the governorship of Acadia. Subercase attempted to strengthen the French presence there but was defeated by low morale, official neglect and repeated attacks from the English. Port-Royal was besieged twice, unsuccessfully in 1707, and again in 1710, when the garrison of less than 300 capitulated to a landing force of 2000. The surrender was permanent; the colony became British, and Subercase, the last governor of French Acadia, retired to France and obscurity.