Donnacona, St Lawrence Iroquoian leader (d in France probably in 1539), headman of the village of Stadacona [near Québec City] during Jacques Cartier's voyages of 1534-36, protested when Cartier raised his cross in Gaspé in July 1534. He was seized, then fêted by Cartier, and agreed to let his sons Domagaya and Taignoagy return with Cartier to France. In 1535 Cartier reached Stadacona and despite Donnacona's entreaties, pushed on to Hochelaga [Montréal]. Feeling betrayed, Donnacona broke off relations, leaving the French to fend for themselves during the ensuing winter. As scurvy ravaged the French, Domagaya was prompted to reveal the cure. Cartier used a dispute between Donnacona and a rival as a ruse to draw Donnacona into a meeting, seized him, his sons - 10 captives in all - and carried them off to France. Donnacona was presented to King Francis I, to whom he repeated tales of a rich Kingdom of Saguenay. Donnacona's death in France further embittered relations between the French and the inhabitants of Stadacona.