Firth, Edith Grace

Edith Grace Firth, historian, librarian (b at Lindsay, Ont 27 January 1927; d at Toronto, Ont 23 July 2005). Firth used her extensive knowledge as a librarian and historian to compile an extensive history of one of Canada's earliest cities, York (TORONTO), and her work has subsequently served as a model for the collection and study of municipal archival records across Canada.

Firth attended the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO in the 1940s, earning degrees in history and modern sciences. She began her career as a reference librarian at the Toronto Public Library and spent the 30-year duration of her career developing the Treasure Room (rare books and special collections), scouring North America for any documentation on early Toronto (York), and building the library's collection into what is now considered a basic research tool for all historians and writers of early Canadian history.

In addition to collecting and providing access to early Canadian history, Firth published her own work, including The Town of York 1793-1815 and Toronto Art: 150 Years through Artists Eyes. She also compiled numerous guides and catalogues on Toronto including Early Toronto Newspapers, 1793-1867.