Édouard-André Barnard

Édouard-André Barnard, agronomist and journalist (b at Trois-Rivières, Qué 30 Sept 1835; d at Varennes, Qué 19 Aug 1898). An important Québec agronomist in the second half of the 19th century, Barnard had abandoned his studies early to go into trade. In 1856 his interests turned to agriculture, however, and for several years he was also involved with the army, organizing 2 companies of volunteers in Trois-Rivières during the TRENT AFFAIR in 1861.

He became involved in the ZOUAVES movement and in 1868 went to Rome. He returned to Trois-Rivières and ran La Semaine agricole from 1869 to 1872 before settling in VARENNES and giving speeches on farming. He then spent a year in Europe, encouraging immigration to Canada and studying European agriculture. On his return he held various senior positions in the Department of Agriculture and in 1877 founded Le Journal d'agriculture.