Lalonde, Édouard

Édouard Lalonde, "Newsy," hockey and lacrosse player (b at Cornwall, Ont 31 Oct 1887; d at Montréal 21 Nov 1970). He excelled at both sports and gained notoriety and fame for his intense competitiveness. He picked up his nickname during a stint as reporter and printer for the Cornwall Freeholder. He played hockey with Cornwall and turned professional with Sault Ste Marie. He was a member of MONTREAL CANADIENS at their inception (1910) and rejoined them in 1913, winning the scoring title 4 times and scoring 124 goals in 98 games over the next 5 years.

He had an explosive temper, and feuds with opposing players, notably Joe Hall, often erupted into brawls. Lalonde was the best LACROSSE player of his generation and was in great demand across Canada; a Vancouver team paid him $6500 for one season. He was voted Canada's outstanding lacrosse player of the first half century.