Edward Killoran Brown, professor, critic (b at Toronto 15 Aug 1905; d at Chicago, Ill 24 Apr 1951). E.K. Brown was educated at University of Toronto and University of Paris, and he taught at University of Toronto, University of Manitoba, Cornell and University of Chicago. His most important contributions to Canadian criticism were his well-known study On Canadian Poetry (1943, rev ed 1944); his annual surveys of Canadian poetry in the University of Toronto Quarterly 1936-50; and his edition of Duncan Campbell Scott's poems (1951).

At home in French and English, Brown was the first modern Canadian critic to establish a context for the study of 19th- and 20th-century Canadian poetry by identifying Canada's major poets (Archibald Lampman, D.C. Scott and E.J. Pratt), tracing their influences and closely defining the strengths of their verse.