Cleaver, Elizabeth Ann

 Elizabeth Ann Cleaver, née Mrazik, illustrator, author (b at Montréal 19 Nov 1939; d there 27 July 1985). Cleaver, who studied art at various Montréal institutions including Concordia University (MFA 1980), won international recognition and election to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (1974). Most concerned with myths and legends of transformation, she developed distinctive, stylized collages presenting a symbolic world. She assembled her colourful, carefully researched illustrations from torn and cut monoprints (textured paper), linocuts and such natural and manufactured objects as leaves and lace.

She received major awards for The Wind Has Wings: Poems from Canada (1968), The Miraculous Hind: A Hungarian Legend (1973), The Loon's Necklace (1977), an Indian myth and Petrouchka (1980), a retelling of Stravinsky's ballet. Study of shadow puppetry in Europe, Iran and Turkey in 1971 and with children at Baker Lake, NWT, in 1972 led to The Enchanted Caribou (1985), an Inuit legend illustrated with shadow puppets.