Flamborough, Ont, urban community within the city of Hamilton. Flamborough was a town from 1985-2001, when it was then merged into the new city of HAMILTON. Before that it was a township from 1974-85, the result of another amalgamation of 3 former townships (East Flamborough, West Flamborough and Beverly) and the former village of Waterdown. It was named after Flamborough Head in Yorkshire, England. The township was first surveyed in 1797 and the first settlers arrived in that year. By 1850 the area contained a grist mill, saw mills, a distillery, a paper mill, woollen factory and a tannery. Flamborough is primarily an agricultural community but it also contains several stone quarries. Attractions include Westfield Historical Village (a collection of over 30 historical buildings), horse racing at Flamboro Downs, as well as the historic village of Waterdown.