Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga (Carillon), a "place between the waters," is strategically situated at the confluence of Lakes Champlain and George in upper New York. Built by the French in 1755 to protect CROWN POINT and the route to Canada, the Battle of Ticonderoga, in which the Marquis de MONTCALM smashed a superior British attacking force, was fought here in July 1758. The French abandoned Ticonderoga the following year. In May 1775, during the early stages of the American Revolution, the fort was taken without a struggle by colonial rebels. The British briefly reoccupied Ticonderoga in 1777 but withdrew later that year after the surrender of General John BURGOYNE at Saratoga, New York. Since about 1820, the Pell family has owned and administered Fort Ticonderoga, and it has been generally restored to its 18th-century appearance.