Moores, Frank Duff

Frank Duff Moores, merchant, politician, 2nd premier of Newfoundland 1972-79 (b at Carbonear, Nfld 18 Feb 1933, d at Perth, Ont 10 July 2005). In 1968 Moores won the federal seat of Bonavista-Trinity-Conception for the Progressive Conservative Party and in 1970 became the leader of the Newfoundland PC Party. The October 1971 election ended in a near tie between the Liberals and Conservatives. In January 1972, when Liberal Premier SMALLWOOD resigned, Moores was asked to form a new government. He went on to win the 1972 and 1975 elections. In contrast to Premier Smallwood, who followed policies of centralization and industrialization, Moores emphasized rural development and resource control. In 1979 he retired from politics to re-enter private business. In 1983 he was a prominent organizer of the successful PC leadership campaign of Brian MULRONEY and served in Ottawa as adviser to Mulroney when he became Prime Minister. In 1987 Moores was chairman of Government Consultants International, a large and powerful lobbying group.