Seymour, Frederick

Frederick Seymour, colonial administrator, governor of BC (b at Belfast, Ire 6 Sept 1820; d at Bella Coola, BC 10 June 1869). Seymour obtained an appointment in the colonial service of Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania] in 1842, and in 1848 he was sent to the West Indies, where he spent the next 16 years in various senior administrative posts. He was appointed governor of mainland British Columbia in 1864 but he left the following year for consultations with the Colonial Office in England. He returned in 1866 as governor of the united colony of BC under an Act of union that incorporated many of his recommendations. Despite his achievements within the colony, Seymour treated the issue of CONFEDERATION with Canada with indifference. He died suddenly while returning from successful treaty talks with the Tsimshian.