McDougall, George Millward

George Millward McDougall, missionary, pioneer, negotiator (b at Kingston, UC 9 Sept 1821; d near Calgary 25 Jan 1876). Born of Scottish parents, McDougall attended Victoria College in Cobourg, UC and was ordained deacon 1852 and minister 1854. He went on to work at or establish a series of Wesleyan missions: Garden River (1851-57), Rama (1857-60), NORWAY HOUSE (1860-63), VICTORIA (1863-71), Edmonton (1871-74) and Morley (1873-76). Each of these postings meant extreme hardship for McDougall and his family, ranging from land-clearing chores and isolation to smallpox epidemics.

Aside from teaching religion and establishing schools, he was an area superintendent, overseeing native affairs and settlement activities within his regions of the vast North-West. In his later years, McDougall gave lectures in eastern Canada, England and Scotland on the potential of the country and the plight of the natives.