Engel, Howard

Howard Engel, novelist, cartoonist (under the pen name "Foo"), story writer, poet (b at Toronto 2 Apr 1931). He was raised in St Catharines, Ontario, and educated at McMaster University and the Ontario College of Education. During his career as a producer of literary and cultural programs at the CBC, Engel published a few stories and poems, but he did not begin to write seriously until he became interested in detective fiction.

A founding member of Crime Writers of Canada, Engel recognized that while Canada has produced some detective writers, ordinary Canadian locales have never achieved literary prominence. Determined to rectify this oversight, Engel has vividly brought to life southern Ontario, setting his work - The Suicide Murders (1980), The Ransom Game (1981), Murder on Location (1982), Murder Sees the Light (1984), A City Called July (1986), A Victim Must Be Found (1988), Dead and Buried (1990) and There Was an Old Woman (1993) - in fictional Grantham (based on his hometown). Engel's gumshoe, Benny Cooperman, a Jewish bachelor, is an atypical sleuth, but his self-deprecating humour and timorous personality make him a quintessential Canadian private eye.