Ian McTaggart-Cowan, zoologist, educator (b at Edinburgh, Scot 25 Jun 1910; d at Saanich, BC 18 Apr 2010). A distinguished contributor to zoology, in particular to the biology of mammals, birds and molluscs, Ian McTaggart-Cowan was a pioneer in the application of science to the management and conservation of wildlife. An acclaimed teacher and orator who served at the University of British Columbia as a professor, department head, dean and member of the Senate (1940-75), Dr McTaggart-Cowan pioneered science on television with shows widely featured beyond Canada's borders.

His public service included consulting on national parks in Canada and abroad, and acting as vice-president of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (now International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN), chair of the Board of Governors of the Arctic Institute of North America, president of the Biological Council of Canada, chair of the Canadian Environmental Advisory Council, and member or executive of numerous local, provincial and national councils and boards. Cowan's achievements were widely honoured; recognition included fellowship in the Royal Society of Science, the Leopold Medal (1970), Einarsen Award in Conservation (1970), Officer of the Order of Canada (1971) and Officer of the Order of British Columbia (1991). Following retirement Dr McTaggart-Cowan served as chancellor of the University of Victoria (1979-85), as well as chair of the Canadian Committee on Whales and Whaling, Academic Council (BC), the Habitat Conservation Board (BC), and other public service bodies.