Irving Group

The Irving Group, controlled by the K.C. Irving family, dominates 90% of English-language newspaper circulation in NB through Brunswick News Inc., which owns the three major dailies in the region, the province-wide Telegraph Journal, Moncton's Times & Transcript, and Fredericton's Daily Gleaner, in addition to more than a dozen weekly publications.

The New Brunswick Publishing Co Ltd, precursor of Brunswick News Inc, also owned and controlled New Brunswick Broadcasting Co Ltd (NBB), which, until 1994, owned and operated CHSJ-TV in Saint John and, through rebroadcasters, provided CBC English-language television to almost all of NB. Renamed Acadia Broadcasting Limited in 2003, the company has since changed its focus to the ownership and operation of radio stations.

This concentration of ownership has been the focus of court action and a CRTC investigation, and continues to inspire criticism of collusion and biased reporting. In 1972, K.C. Irving Ltd and associated companies were convicted under the merger and monopoly provisions of the Combines Investigation Act after members of the Irving family had acquired controlling interest in all 5 of NB's English-language newspapers. An appeal in 1975 overturned the conviction and in 1978 the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the appeal decision. In January 1987 the CRTC reversed a 1981 ruling that prevented NBB from buying more broadcasting companies and granted it licences for new TV stations in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton and Halifax.