Raudot, Jacques

Jacques Raudot, intendant of New France, 1705-11 (b 1638; d at Paris, France 20 Feb 1728). He was related to the powerful Pontchartrain family and had had a distinguished legal career when he and his son Antoine-Denis Raudot were jointly appointed to the intendancy (with only Jacques salaried). Leaving finance largely to his son, Raudot concentrated his attention on the administration of justice and public order, attempting to bring in reforms of the seigneurial and judicial systems, education, agriculture and the militia. Though sociable and cultured, he had an emotional nature and was quick to take affront. He had a low opinion of Canadians in general and resented Governor Vaudreuil's pre-eminent position. The last years of his term he spent unproductively feuding with the governor.