Desbiens, Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul Desbiens, member of the Marist order of brothers, teacher, philosopher, writer, journalist (b at Métabetchouan, Qué 7 Mar 1927). His book describing the failure of the Québec educational system, Les Insolences du Frère Untel (publ in English as The Insolences of Brother Anonymous), had unprecedented success.

His debut as a writer and pamphleteer coincided with the debut of the QUIET REVOLUTION, with which he was closely associated, although he was removed from the debate by his superiors and sent off to Europe (1961), where he studied theology and philosophy. Upon his return to Québec (1964), he joined the Ministry of Education and became one of its chief architects of reform. In 1970 he joined La Presse as chief editorial writer and in 1972 returned to education as a school principal. He continues to write for various publications with his characteristic sense of the sacred and deep respect for man. He has a weekly column in La Presse.