McDougall, John Chantler

John Chantler McDougall, Methodist minister, missionary (b at Owen Sound, Canada W 27 Dec 1842; d at Calgary 15 Jan 1917), son of George MCDOUGALL and husband of Elizabeth MCDOUGALL. Educated at Victoria College, Cobourg, 1857-60, and ordained in 1874, McDougall served for many years as missionary to the Indians of western Canada, continuing the work he began under his father's tutelage before his ordination. He served the federal government in both the 1869-70 and 1885 rebellions and drew government attention to the plight of the Indians after the disappearance of the buffalo. He retired in 1906 and lived in Calgary for the remainder of his life. He wrote several books including George Millward McDougall (1888) and Forest, Lake and Prairie (1895).