Edward Martin Kindle, palaeontologist, sedimentologist (b at Franklin, Ind 10 Mar 1869; d at Ottawa 29 Aug 1940). Educated at the University of Indiana, Cornell and Yale, Kindle moved from the staff of the US Geological Survey to that of the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA as an invertebrate palaeontologist in 1912. He was chief of the PALAEONTOLOGY division 1919-38. His early work was mainly on the Palaeozoic fossils of north-central US, Greenland, Alaska and northern Canada. Later, he made pioneer observations and experiments on the origin and significance of sedimentary deposits. He wrote on the resources and development of the North American Subarctic, and he inaugurated a catalogue of Devonian type fossils. Under him the palaeontological research and museum displays of the Geological Survey were greatly expanded.