Kingsmere, Qué, a community associated with the property, known as Kingswood or the Farm, left to the nation by former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King (although it is not named for him, but acquired its name long before King arrived in the area). The estate is administered by the National Capital Commission. King discovered Kingsmere in 1901 while on a cycling trip through the Gatineau Hills. He fell in love with the area and in September 1902 he arranged to purchase a lot by the lake, where, in 1903, he built a four-room cabin he called Kingswood. It grew over the years into an estate of some 240 ha where King would walk his guests - among whom were the Duke of Windsor and Winston Churchill - over miles of nature trails and where from May to October he conducted much of the nation's business. It included 5 country homes, barns, garages, gardens and the Moorside ruins, a peculiar collection of materials from old Ottawa buildings. King died at his beloved estate 22 July 1950. He bequeathed the estate to "the Government of Canada ... in trust for the citizens of Canada." "The Farm" is the residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons.