L'actualité, a French-language monthly magazine published in Montréal, was founded in 1909 as Bulletin paroissial and edited until 1945 by the Jesuit Armand Proulx. The review changed its name many times: to L'Action paroissiale (1932), Ma paroisse (1949), L'actualité (1960) and L'actualité magazine (1967). Monthly circulation was 140 000 in 1958, 107 000 in 1965 and 205 514 in 1995.

Traditionally, the magazine supported the ideas of the UNION NATIONALE PARTY, and featured the work of many leading Québec writers and journalists. Jean-Louis Brouillé (the editor, 1960-72) endeavoured to make it the foremost Québec publication, reflecting the interests of the typical French Canadian Catholic family.

Following a serious financial crisis in 1972, which resulted in major changes in staff and content, the magazine was sold in 1976 to MACLEAN HUNTER as part of a merger between L'Actualité and the French edition of MACLEAN'S (founded 1961). Former Maclean's editor Jean Paré has edited L'Actualité since 1976. The magazine presents a variety of news and feature stories in a glossy and colourful design, and appeals to an affluent and well-educated readership.