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Laura Vinson

Laura Vinson. Singer, songwriter, b Brule, near Jasper, Alta, 23 May 1947. She is of French/Cree and English/Cherokee descent.

After singing contemporary folk with Bob Ruzicka at the University of Alberta, and then rock with the band Bitter Suite, she formed her own group, Red Wyng, in 1973 and turned to country music. For Royalty Records, she made five LPs 1977-85: First Flight (R-2000-31), High Fashion Queen (R-2000-44), Hootch, Heartache and Hallelujah (R-2000-45), Adios Mexico (RP-200-8401) and Many Moons Ago (RP-200-8602). A cassette, The Spirit Sings (RRI-400-8914), followed in 1989.

Vinson's best-known song is 'Sweet Mountain Music,' a hit in 1979. The most popular of her other singles have been 'Sun Always Shines' (1978), 'Mes amis O Canada '(1979), 'Crazy Heart' (1981), and 'In My Dreams' (1989). She has toured widely in Western Canada, performed on Canadian and US TV, and appeared at the CNE (1985) and Expo 86. With R. Harlan Smith's Canadian Country Music All-Star Show, she travelled to Europe annually 1987-9. She has composed music for several Access TV (Alberta) films about native arts. Her songs have also been recorded by Glory-Anne Carriere, Danny Hooper, Greg Paul and Tommy Rogers.

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