Groupe de la Place Royale, Le

  Le Groupe de la Place Royale, formed in Montréal in 1966, was one of Canada's more innovative modern dance companies, integrating theatre, dance, voice, technology and music in its productions. The company name deliberately omitted the word "dance" to underscore its commitment to uniting all the art forms. Jeanne RENAUD was founder, with Peter BONEHAM as assistant artistic director. Renaud, a French Canadian who had studied in New York with Hanya Holm and Mary Anthony, was noted for very abstract and unemotional choreography. Boneham, originally trained in ballet, served as artistic co-director, dancer, choreographer and teacher for the company. Renaud left the company in 1971 and it came under the joint direction of Boneham and Jean-Pierre PERRAULT.

In 1977 Le Groupe relocated to Ottawa, where it established a school, studios and a performance series featuring both Le Groupe de la Place Royale and other dance companies, including Douglas Dunn and Marie CHOUINARD. Le Groupe performed at the NATIONAL ARTS CENTRE, toured, and presented residencies across Canada. Perrault left the company in 1981 to be replaced by Michael Montanaro, who was assistant artistic director from 1981 to 1985.

In 1988 Boneham changed the artistic mission of the company and transformed it into LE GROUPE DANCE LAB, an international centre for research and development of contemporary dance.