Maneige. Pop group formed in Montreal in the fall of 1972 by Alain Bergeron (flute, saxophone, piano), Jérôme Langlois (clarinet, piano, organ), Vincent Langlois (percussion, piano), Yves Léonard (electric bass, double-bass), Paul Picard (percussion), and Gilles Schetagne (drums, percussion), all musicians who studied at the École Vincent-d'Indy and the CMM. Denis Lapierre (electric and acoustic guitar) joined the group in 1975, and Jérôme Langlois left Maneige the following year. In 1976 Maneige gave concerts at the PDA, the Outremont Cinema in Montreal, and the Cartier Cinema in Quebec City and appeared in New Brunswick. The group toured in Quebec in 1976, 1978, and 1979, and performed in 20 cities across Canada in 1978. It composed and recorded the theme song of the CBC radio program 'Temps présent' in 1978. In 1980 the group made an attempt to make a name in the USA and in Ontario and made a few recordings with Robert Charlebois. When Paul Picard and Pierre Gauthier (who had replaced Gilles Schetagne) left Maneige in May 1981, the group continued for a while to compose film music but disappeared shortly thereafter.

The group made the LPs Maneige (1974, Harvest St-70035), Les Porches (1975, Harvest St-6438), Maneige. Ni vent... ni nouvelle (1976, Poly 2424-143), Libre Service (1978, Poly 2424-176), and Composite (1980, Poly 2424-206).

Often termed scholarly, classical, and even obscure in its early days, Maneige then moved towards a more popular group sound especially after the departure of Jérôme Langlois in 1976. While keeping its original direction and spirit of musical experiment, the group achieved a synthesis of different styles. It tackled genres as different as jazz, rock, disco, blues, folk, classical, and electronic music.

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