Maniwaki, Qué, Town, pop 4102 (2006c), 3571 (2001c), inc 1957. Maniwaki is situated in the Outaouais Region at the confluence of the Désert and Gatineau rivers, 130 km north of HULL.


The Oblate Fathers founded the mission Notre-Dame du Désert in 1849. Soon after, many settlers moved into the area, drawn by the forest's economic potential. A forest industry was established and provided the livelihood for the residents of the region. In 1851, Maniwaki was declared a parish.

Present Day
Maniwaki is the principle urban centre servicing the territory of the regional county municipality of the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. This area still has vast forest resources and, as in the past, the forest industry is of great importance. Maniwaki has a stable labour force that specializes in harvesting the forest and developing related products. The area is also known for its hunting, fishing and natural spaces. Château Logue, an all-granite house built in 1887, houses the municipal library and an interpretation centre dedicated to forest fire prevention.