Marie-Madeleine Jarret de Verchères, heroine (b at Verchères, Qué 3 Mar 1678; buried at Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade 8 Aug 1747). Daughter of an officer and seigneur, François Jarret de Verchères, in 1706 she married another officer and seigneur, Pierre-Thomas Tarieu de La Pérade. By age 21 she was famous for the story of her defence 7 years earlier, in 1692, of the family fort, a story subsequently published by historians Bacqueville de La Potherie and Charlevoix. However, at about age 54, seeking a favour from France after other eyewitnesses had disappeared, the heroine told a new version, one full of exaggerations and lies. (In this one, she did not flee from one Iroquois, she evaded 45 who were firing at her.) This new version, being more dramatic, is the one favoured by most history books.

See also Verchères.