McLeod Young Weir Limited

The company was established in 1921 by Donald I. McLeod, Ewart Young and J. Gordon Weir with an initial capital of $40 000, which grew to $300 million. From its inception the firm was first in the industry to adopt 2 basic principles: productive staff were given the opportunity to participate as shareholders and no father and son alliances were permitted. The firm pioneered a number of new products now commonplace in the industry. The company is best known for its "McLeod Young Weir Bond Averages," a yardstick of bond yields maintained and perfected over many years as a service to investors and the industry.

With 1600 staff in 43 offices throughout Canada as well as others in Britain, Europe, US and the Far East, the company was a recognized leader in all facets of the industry. The Bank of Nova Scotia acquired 100% control of the company in Dec 1987. It is now known as Scotia McLeod and operates as the brokerage subsidiary for the bank.