Lambeth, Michel

Michel Lambeth, filmmaker, writer, photojournalist, teacher, publisher (b at Toronto 21 Apr 1923; d there 9 Apr 1977). He served in the Canadian Army 1942-45, and then studied art in London and Paris. Returning to Toronto in 1948, he supported himself with clerical work and free-lance writing. By 1959 he had become a committed photojournalist, and during the 1960s he worked for the Star Weekly, Saturday Night, Maclean's, Time and Life.

He had numerous shows and the National Film Board of Canada toured his exhibition Encounter nationally. He was honoured with the Canadian Centennial Medal in 1967. During the 1970s he taught and became a spokesman for Canadian Artists Representation. His photography reflects a love for working people, and the reality of street life and the social conditions of the disadvantaged.