Mont-Joli, Qué, Town, pop 6568 (2006c), 6579 (2001cA), inc 1945. Mont-Joli is located 30 km northeast of RIMOUSKI at the entrance to the Matapédia Valley. The development of a transportation infrastructure was the most important factor in the area's urbanization, beginning with the construction of the INTERCOLONIAL RY, which reached Mont-Joli in 1874.

Further growth resulted from the establishment of train repair yards. The headquarters of the Canada and Gulf Terminal Ry (linking Mont-Joli and Matane) located in the village in 1910. These developments led to the opening of a foundry that produced railway equipment.

WWII saw the arrival of a military airport, firing range and bombing school; this centre has become the present regional airport. The government of Maurice DUPLESSIS built a sanitarium here. One of the first radio stations in Québec opened here in 1922. Today, Mont-Joli has become a service town, and transportation plays a lesser role.