Roy, Myke

Roy, Myke. Composer, recording engineer, b Trois-Rivières, Que, 2 Jul 1950; B MUS composition (Montreal) 1975, M MUS composition (Montreal) 1980, D MUS composition (Montreal) 1989. He first attended (1970-2) the École supérieure de musique de Nicolet, and then the University of Montreal where Serge Garant was one of his teachers. He worked (1974-5) at the Electronic Music Studio of McGill University with Alcides Lanza and Mario Bertoncini. A recording engineer beginning in 1972, he has worked (1974-7) as a technician at the University of Montreal where he contributed to the recording of the LP Inuit Games and Songs that won a Grand prix du disque de l'Académie Charles-Cros in 1979. From 1983 to 1986, he headed an electroacoustic music laboratory at the UQTR where he also taught acoustics, electroacoustics and aural perception. He has acted as sound technician for SMCQ and ACREQ concerts. In 1987, he was appointed coordinator of the electroacoustic department of the University of Montreal. He has contributed the article 'Le Statut de professionnel pour le compositeur/diffuseur d'électroacoustique' to GUIDE >convergence< (Montreal 1989).

Recipient of several grants from the Canada Council, Roy has written some thirty works: instrumental music, electroacoustic music, music theatre and multi-media works. In 1976, he won CAPAC's Sir Ernest MacMillan Award/Fellowship for Sveln (piano and synthesizer), Dra-men Dzunkt (8 performers or more) and Tsé Tnant/Te Deum (17 amplified instruments and tape). He was awarded the Robert Fleming Prize in 1987. He is an associate of the Canadian Music Centre and a member of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (vice-president, 1987-9). His work Tsé Tnant/Te Deum was recorded with Lorraine Vaillancourt conducting (RCI 475), whereas Landstaad Myr ou L'Odyssée d'Alfred le serpent for nine percussionists was recorded by the SMCQ (RCI 655).