Lambert, Nathalie

Nathalie Lambert, speed skater (b at Montréal, 1 Dec 1963). She was one of Canada's great short track speed-skating athletes, and a member of the national team since 1981. She initially participated in long and short track events, but in 1987, she definitively chose the latter as her specialty. Her perseverance and determination served to elevate her to the height of her discipline by helping Canadians dominate international competition including the world team championships and the women's 3000-metre relay, for eight years running. In 1991, in Sydney, Australia, she added a first individual world title to her prizes beating out her team-mate Sylvie Daigle in cumulative ranking. Lambert won two more individual world titles in 1993 and 1994. After these championships, when still at the top of her discipline, she took her leave.

Nathalie Lambert is also an Olympic medalist. Since taking part in her second Olympics at Albertville in 1992, she helped her team dominate the women's 3000-metre relay. In 1994, she left Lillehammer with 2 silver medals: one individual, and one in the women's relay. Nathalie Lambert has been inscribed in the Canadian Amateur Sports Hall of Fame since 1992.