Nipissing University

Nipissing University, North Bay, Ont, was founded in 1967 and was affiliated with Laurentian University until 1992 when it was granted its independence. Although one of Canada's newest universities, it can trace its roots to 1909 with the founding of the North Bay Normal School.

The campus is situated on 290 ha of natural woodlands, features nature trails, ski trails and a small lake and overlooks the city of North Bay and the expanse of Lake Nipissing. The university is a non-denominational, government-supported institution, and its administration is carried out by a 26-member board of governors.

Twelve undergraduate degree programs are offered in 2 faculties (arts and science and education), as well as a School of Business and Economics. The university also offers a Master of Education degree. With a full- and part-time student population of about 3200, Nipissing University is a small university that prides itself on providing quality education in a small, personal environment.